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Clip LED KL1

Triango LLT2 aranzacja
CLIP LED type KL1 lamp is a decorative luminaire for illumination of glass and plastic shelves, 4-8 mm thick. Depending on shelf finish (sand blasted edge, sand blasted surface), practical application of the lamp will give a different final effect: with only shelf edge or the entire shelf surface illuminated. Lamp enclosure made of stainless steel. By default, the lamp is available in mirror (L) design option, as well as three light color variants: W - white cold (5000-7000 K), WW - white warm (3500-4000 K), B - blue. Stabilized 10 V LED power supply unit with splitter is required for the luminaire. The lamp was fabricated in Poland.
Lighting parameters
Light source:LED
Luminous flux:---
Luminous efficacy:---
Color rendering index:Ra > 80
Color temperature:5000 K (W)
3500 K (WW)
Functional parameters
Power:0,2 W
Power supply voltage:10 V DC
Rated amperage:---
Protection class:III
Energy efficiency class:A - A++
Other functional parameters
Protection grade:IP20
Operating temperature:---
Ambient humidity:---
Pot life:---
Method of installation:in glass shelves 4-8 mm thick
Dimensions:40 x 27 x 12 mm
Warranty:24 miesiące



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