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Rotondo OML2-1

Rotondo OML2 1 aranzacja
ROTONDO type OML2-1 is a furniture-mounted integration LED luminaire rated to 3.8 W. Lamp enclosure is made of metal, making it a sort of radiator and ensuring longer life of the luminaire. With its flat lamp shade covering the LED light source, it offers a broad light distribution angle (1200), for even illumination of the target surface. Luminaire available in three design options: chrome (B), nickel polish (I) and alu (G), as well as two color temperature variants: 6000-6500 K (W - white cold) and 3000-3500 K (WW - white warm). Stabilized 12V power supply is required for powering the luminaire. The lamp can be integrated with dimmers. The lamp was fabricated in Poland.
Lighting parameters
Light source:LED
Luminous flux:255 lm (W)
227 lm (WW)
Luminous efficacy:67 lm/W (W)
60 lm/W (WW)
Color rendering index:Ra > 80
Color temperature:6000 K (W)
3000 K (WW)
Functional parameters
Power:3,8 W
Power supply voltage:12 V DC
Rated amperage:---
Protection class:III
Energy efficiency class:A - A++
Other functional parameters
Protection grade:IP20
Operating temperature:---
Ambient humidity:---
Pot life:---
Method of installation:in the opening Ø 60 mm
Dimensions:Ø 75 x 14 mm
Warranty:36 months



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