About us

For more than 20 years, we have been making the world brighter by offering our customers around the world modern lighting solutions.

Lighting is everything to us. And for all of us.

We are a recognized and valued manufacturer operating in the electrotechnical industry since 1997. We have always wanted to make the world brighter by offering modern and groundbreaking lighting solutions that improve the lives of millions of people around the world.

We are distinguished by quality.
ISO 9001:2015

We have always strived to create the best solutions in the lighting industry with particular emphasis on the highest quality of workmanship, safety of use and functionality. Quality is important to our customers. As a result, it is therefore, the most important thing for us.

Local company.
Global reach.

We are an award-winning family company of talented innovators and creators. We are trendsetters responding to the requirements of the market, and each of our ideas and products is created on the premises of a modern production plant in Czechowice-Dziedzice. We always look beyond the horizon and are ready for tomorrow’s challenges.

We are recognized by our customers and partners.

We have received many awards for our products and business activities.
Here we introduce some of them.

Our history

So much has happened, and this is just the beginning.


SKOFF is founded by Eng. Krzysztof Skiba. The seat of the company is at ul. Legionów 243A in Czechowice-Dziedzice. This is a historical place, as SKOFF started its activity in 1997 in the rented premises. The company’s activity was to focus on the electrotechnical industry. Initially, the activity of SKOFF was based on the production of transformers (electronic equipment) for lighting fixtures with halogen source and such fixtures for furniture.

2004 – 2006

With the development of lighting technology in the world, SKOFF has developed its lighting product range with CLIP LED luminaires. This product was designed for furniture, and the light source was based on modern and still difficult to access LED technology.

Two years later, SKOFF, as a pioneer producer of LED technology in Poland, launched its Music Line series of luminaires based on LED technology. SKOFF was the first to present a series of products designed to illuminate places that are a bit forgotten, namely the halls and corridors (by the floor), stairs, steps. This series of luminaires made SKOFF famous on the Polish market. It also made it possible to meet the expectations of foreign markets. 2006 was a breakthrough year for the Company, which announced many changes in its current activity.

The main assumption for SKOFF was to provide customers with system products, i.e. not only lighting but also necessary electronic equipment. The new group of LED lighting products required the adjustment of appropriate equipment in the form of power supplies, which were also included in the SKOFF offer.


In January 2009, another stage of the Company’s development took place. the seat of SKOFF is changing. The move was not far away – to the address of Legions 243D, but already to its own building. The new headquarters of the Company enriched not only by the administrative part but above all by a modern production hall connected with warehouses, opened a new chapter of SKOFF. The new headquarters is a new opportunity. The Company’s potential has increased, but also expectations towards the Manufacturer.

In the same year, the product range was extended by a new LED luminaire designed to be installed in kitchen furniture. It was a response to new trends in the furniture industry and interior design. Minimalism, simplicity and high quality – SKOFF has been putting the greatest emphasis on these aspects for years.


Looking for new challenges in the world of lighting SKOFF introduces to the market a range of modern lighting lamps MODERNO and MODERNO ELISSE. Traditionally, production has been based on LED technology.


24 years of presence on the market, and with this rich experience in the world of lighting makes the brand SKOFF is today known and valued not only in the country but also abroad. Innovative designs, the use of noble and proven materials and modern production technology and its control make SKOFF products characterised by high quality and timeless appearance.

SKOFF Design
Our unique idea.

Products bearing the SKOFF DESIGN trademark have been designed in their entirety without infringing on the industrial design rights of third parties. Our idea is to give form to our own ideas in the form of a final product without imitating others.