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A modern system of intelligent infrastructure lighting, which is a synergy between technology, economy, safety and ecology.

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From the usual cities.
To the cities of the future.

The iCity luminaires help cities to save electricity, increasing safety and security,
and offering unlimited customization possibilities in combination with the SKOFF Smart City. It is also excellent light parameters, compliance with DALI protocols,
1-10V, 3 DIM and many more.

Innovations. For everyone.

An award-winning product that solves the problems of small and big cities. Available in variants: 40W, 75W, 115W and 150W

The heat sink temperature reduced by approx. 10°C compared to competing luminaires*

Aerodynamic resistance (Cd x S):
0.047 m2

Two independent power supply chambers and optics

The luminaire design is submitted to the patent protection

Universal mounting bracket for mounting the luminaire on a pole or boom (Ø42-60mm)

Low weight: 8.9kg

The best power-to-weight ratio on the market: 17W/kg**

Self-cleaning solar reflective construction

IP66 Optics and power supply chamber seal and IK09 toughened glass shade

*Compared to street lighting luminaires with conventional light sources.
**Based on research conducted on a sample of luminaires from leading street lighting manufacturers.

TripleCooling System®

The TripleCooling System® cooling system, based on a patent-pending design, effectively reduces the temperature of the LED modules, resulting in the luminaire achieving the highest power-to-weight ratio on the market.

Ribbed construction

The heat sink is designed with ribbed construction in mind so that it forces convection of air vertically and horizontally.


Acting as an additional heat sink, the thermocouples dissipate heat from the body to the cover.

Thermal conductive paste

A layer of thermally conductive paste between the LED module and the heat sink facilitates the dissipation of the heat generated by the LEDs.

Triple heat shield system. Heat Shield.

The triple Heat Shield system prevents the luminaire from heating up and effectively dissipates heat from inside the luminaire.

Reflects the sunlight

The bright surface of the top cover reflects the sunlight to prevent the luminaire from heating up.

Makes heat transfer more difficult

The limited number of contact points between the cover and the luminaire minimises heat transfer to the luminaire.

Faster heat exchange

The high thermal conductivity coefficient of the body allows for quick heat exchange.

Highest level of safety

The iCity is a breakthrough in security.
Always in standards.

Independent chambers protect the optical system against accidental interference.

The luminaire is equipped with a 10kV / 6kV surge protection system, which additionally increases its life span.
The NTC thermistor protects the LED modules from losing and allows operation at temperatures up to +40°C.

Arrangement on the outside.
No service required.

The unique, self-cleaning design of the iCity series of luminaires always solves the problem of dirt and solids settling. This is made possible by the use of a flat cover which effectively reflects leaves and other such dirt without the need to service the device.

Arrangement on the inside.
Also without service.

Street lighting is sometimes exposed to dirt inside, so the specially profiled design of the internal intercostal space in the iCity with high efficiency makes it difficult for dust and other dirt to settle, which significantly prolongs the life of LEDs.

Porządek na zewnątrz.
Bez konieczności serwisu.

Unikalna, samoczyszcząca konstrukcja opraw z serii iCity pozwala na zawsze rozwiązać problem z osiadaniem się wszelkich zanieczyszczeń i ciał stałych. Jest to możliwe dzięki zastosowaniu płaskiej pokrywy, która skutecznie odbija liście i inne tego rodzaju zabrudzenia bez konieczności serwisowania urządzenia.

Porządek wewnątrz.
Również bez serwisu.

Oświetlenie uliczne bywa narażone na zabrudzenia wewnątrz, dlatego specjalnie wyprofilowana konstrukcja wewnętrznej przestrzeni międzyżebrowej w iCity z wysoką skutecznością utrudnia osiadanie się kurzu i innych zabrudzeń, co znacznie wydłuża żywotność diód LED.

Easy to assemble.
Even simpler adjustment.

Easy installation and flexible adjustment make the iCity luminaires suitable for almost all conditions.

Universal mounting bracket

The universal holder allows easy installation on a pole or boom (Ø42-60mm).

No complications

The simpler, the better, therefore the iCity lighting does not require any adapters.

Full flexibility

The level can be adjusted in a wide range from -15° to +15°.

Powerful technologies.
Compact housing.

The iCity series combines innovation and original solutions.
We’ve put it all in a small package.

Times four.

The luminaires from the iCity series introduce a revolution in savings. The low cost of purchase, installation and virtually no need for service make it easy to control your investment.

Long service life

Up to 100,000 hours in continuous operation significantly reduces investment and operating costs.

Full control

An integrated power supply controller allows you to manage power consumption by determining light levels over defined periods of time.

LED technology

With market-leading LED technology, you can cut your electricity costs by up to 25%!*

High efficiency

Thanks to the innovative housing, the iCity does not cause loss of light and inefficient use of electricity.

Light pollution?
That’s out of the question.

The iCity solves the problem of light pollution, which has a positive impact on the environment.

Control systems.
Reliable and advanced.

The iCity infrastructure lighting works perfectly with the best control systems.

Astro DIM

Astro DIM provides a multistage night-time power control based on the on/off time settings of the internal timer.

Step DIM

The Step DIM mode allows you to switch between two power levels to lower the level of illumination and thus the power consumption.

Main DIM

The illumination level is reduced by reducing the rated voltage. The rated voltage is reduced by means of a suitable controller.


DALI provides two-way communication between the luminaire and the control system giving the possibility of, among others, smooth dimming of the luminaire.


The 1-10V interface allows the luminaire to be integrated into a control system, e.g. street lighting control system and power control system.

SKOFF iCity – Frequently Asked Questions

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We have corporate and enterprise arrangements that our pricing team can assist with on a case-by-case basis. Contact Us for info.

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No! The beauty of our service is that you can cancel anytime you need to — no questions asked.

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This depends on whether your plan to process the payment on your site or not. We recommend using a third-party provider to unburden yourself.

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